Aircraft Ground Vibration Testing at ONERA


S. Giclais, P. Lubrina, C. Stephan (ONERA)

During the development of a new aircraft, the Ground Vibration Test (GVT) is an important milestone because flutter computation relies on its results to determine the start of flight tests. Since the creation of ONERA after World War II, the GVT has always been the subject of fundamental research and application on industrial structures. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of ONERA, an historical survey of the main methods and significant tests is proposed in this paper.

Complex Thermo-Mechanical Approaches to Study the Behavior of High-Temperature Alloys


V. Bonnand, D. Pacou (ONERA)

The work discusses the complex thermo-mechanical approaches developed at
ONERA within the context of gas turbine component fatigue tests. Emphasis is

Combined Experimental and Modeling Approaches for Strength Analysis of 3D Woven Composites: From Elementary Coupons to Complex Aeronautical Structures


A. Hurmane, A. Mavel, P. Paulmier, F. Laurin (ONERA)

New generations of 3D woven composite materials have been recently developed to be used in aeronautics as an alternative to the classical laminated composite materials, for structures exposed to impact. Therefore, it has been necessary to determine precisely the damage and failure scenarios for such materials subjected to different kinds of loadings through a large experimental testing campaign performed at Onera on unnotched coupons.

On Recent Advances in Microstructural Characterization and In-Situ Testing Techniques to Study Material Behavior


E. P. Busso, D. Boivin, D. Lévêque (ONERA)

The deformation fields within grains in polycrystalline materials are generally highly heterogeneous and can be the precursors to the nucleation of micro-cracks or cavities. Such behavior is conditioned by microstructural features, such as grain structure, texture, morphology, and size.

Inverse Problems and Experiments: a Fruitful Symbiosis


S. Andrieux (ONERA)

This paper offers a partial overview of some techniques and results emanating from inverse problems or signal processing with application to the development or enhancement of the exploitation of data obtained by experiments on physical systems pertaining to the aerospace domain. The first part deals with linear problems encountered in various problems of signal processing, whereas the second one addresses two specific image-based identification techniques.

Testing in Aerospace Research: Introduction


Stéphane Andrieux (ONERA)

The Onera 's 70th anniversary is an opportunity to ask ourselves about the place and evolution of research in the field of aerospace, especially in terms of needs and means. A key topic of these reflections is obviously the contribution of testing activities. Originally involved in all of the developments, they progressively had to face more complex requirements, as well as the emergence of competing approaches, mainly based on computation capacities and engineering methods.